Monday, September 19, 2005

A Bunch of Change

It's been suggested that I should change the title of this blog as while there may be a few changes yet to be made at least one major change has occurred (and a second on its way). I'm not 100% there on a name change yet, but it's under consideration.

But that's not the change I'm thinking of right now. When Celeste was born, one of her first presents was a cute piggybank. I dutifully dropped each day's spare change into it and it soon filled to the point where I had trouble getting the change out. So, I emptied the pig into a sandwich bag, which later became two sandwich bags, which later became a freezer bag.

Today, I brought the big bag of change with me to work to see if one of the Chevy Chase Bank branches near my office had a Change Express machine up and running. (The branch closest to our house doesn't have one yet.)

After waiting for two little girls to run through the change their mother brought in, I started dropping in my coins. The older of the girls quickly ran over to start offering tips and pointers. (Her mom asked if I minded; I didn't, it was pretty funny.)

All in all, I had $374.62 in coins, as well as a few parking-lot pennies that were too damaged for the machine to read and a 20p coin that it wouldn't take. There also were $41.00 in bills in the bag, giving Celeste a grand total of $415.00 for her 529 account. (I'm tossing the 62¢ back into the bag for the next coin run, which could be soon if I take in all those pennies I rolled years ago but did nothing with ...)


patrick said...

Shame about the 20p. I think it's still legal tender here in NZ.

T. Carter said...

Really? That's wild ... hurm, I wonder if I could use it in Canada?