Friday, September 16, 2005

It's A...

...bout 10 weeks along. After a bad three-week period of 過労死, I left things at work 95% finished and the rest in capable hands for today so that I could go with Evelin to the midwifes' and to get a haircut.

I mentioned how I feel a bit disconnected from this pregnancy right now, in large part because it's been such a "normal" experience as opposed to the "medicalized" experience of the fertility clinic followed by the combination of a traditional OB/GYN practice and a perinatologist before shifting over to the midwifes. Part of that has been way fewer appointments; in fact, outside of Evelin's bloodwork a few weeks ago, this was the first real appointment.

I didn't get to spend much time in the exam room, Celeste needed some attention and getting her away from Evelin helped make the appointment go more smoothly. Also, because things were running late, instead of all three of us going for the sonogram, Celeste and I dropped Evelin off and ran to the grocery store to cobble together a snack/prelunch for her from the salad bar — garbanzos, kidney beans, peas, cucumber slices, mushroom slices, and a thing of mango chunks, along with some fresh water.

When we finally met back up with Evelin, she had two grainy pictures, a heartbeat of 172 bpm, and a date of about 10 weeks, which is about what she'd guessed, so we are on track for a due date in mid-April (my father suggested the name Iris if this one is a girl) or, if this one follows Celeste's lead, maybe mid-March ...

There's nothing exciting to say about the haircut; it was the typical affair — long, long overdue.

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