Saturday, March 04, 2006


Today, Celeste is 18 months old. As the videos showed, she's running around talking about herself a lot these days. Not to say that she's an egoist or something, just a cute little girl. Eighteen months is also noteworthy, according to a BBC report, because toddlers as young as 18 months demonstrate altruistic behavior ... and with her sibling due in six week or so, we're going to need that extra help, I think.

Actually, it's kind of funny: If I say something to Celeste about mumma having a baby, she withdraws a little about it. She's resigned to the matter and acknowledges it, but she's not so keen about it. However, if I say something about her being a bit sister or about her having a little sibling, then she is much more interested and excited.

Hiding Behind a Good Book Contemplating Just How Little Little People Are ...

There are a few things I still need to back up and blog (the start of Lent, music downloads, and last weekend's visit to the Hirshhorn, for example), but the quick-and-dirty version of things is that work is in a phase of 過労死 at the moment, and there is a lot still to do before the baby arrives ... and Evelin's not quite been put on bedrest, but she has been told to cut back on activity and to stay supine as much as possible. There's no dilation yet, but there is reason to be concerned, so Evelin's cutting back her work hours and is spending as much time as she can with her feet up.

Thus far, Celeste has been pretty good about it — she's doing a lot more independent play these days. We're at 34 weeks of gestation right now; Celeste was born at 36 weeks, but it'd be nice for this kid to hang on a little bit longer — I'd rather not go through the sort of jaundice scare we had with Celeste ... and that was pretty mild compared to some of the problems we could have had.

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