Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Red Menace

The thing that surprises me most in this article ("Experts Rip 'Sesame' TV Aimed at Tiniest Tots,") isn't that Children's Television Workshop is launching a line of DVDs at the Under-2 crowd or even that 68% of kids that young watch two hours of television per day. No, the really scary bit is that "only 6 percent of parents know of the [American Academy of Pediatrics's] no-TV recommendation, which it adopted in 1999."

We've managed to keep Celeste from watching TV thus far, and while I think she'd really like some bits of Pancake Mountain, she's probably not going to get much exposure to television until her sibling is over two.

Still, it won't take Sesame Beginnings to get her hooked on Sesame Street. Her only exposure has been one bath toy and some books, but Celeste is crazy about Elmo. She not only recognizes him and talks about him, but "Elmo" is one of the words she says most clearly (although occasionally it comes out as ell-bow). Elmo's Valentine is in her hand a good part of each day, and, if she sees an Elmo balloon at the grocery store or an Elmo toy at the thrift store or Target, there is a big lunge toward the item in question.

Evelin and I are holding firm in not expanding the Elmo Empire in the house, but there is just something about Elmo that Celeste loves ...

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