Sunday, March 26, 2006


First off, to preëmpt any further phone calls on the matter this evening: Nothing's happening on the baby front. Evelin feels fine, but only Braxton-Hicks at this point.

On to the stuffing ... I raided Nami-Nami for dinner again. Her baked red onions with feta cheese & wild mushrooms looked too good to pass up, so this morning we trolled the mushroom table at the farmers market and came away with some royal trumpet mushrooms, as well as some fresh feta from Keswick Creamery. Sadly, the really nice red onions (variety Mars) Twin Springs had a few months ago were long gone, so I had to pick up a bag from the grocery store.

I'm not sure why — I don't recall having them as a child or anything — but I have a little obsession with stuffed vegetables. I don't make them very often, and when I do they often come out a little disappointing (example #1, #2, #3), but I still find myself intrigued, interested, and game to give it a go.

Well, mine dinna turn out as pretty as Pille's, but they were pretty tasty. I think my onions were smaller, because I ended up with a lot of extra stuffing. (I ended up putting some of the onion centers in two ramekins and topped it with the rest of the stuffing and a little more onion.) I served them with some baby spinach (wilted in some olive oil and lemon juice), and they were quite tasty, albeit a bit on the messy side.

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Anita said...

So, ummm, yeah.

I am checking your blog twice a day to see if "anything is up."


Can't help it. And good luck when something does come up!

Pille said...

Thanks for linking to me again, and I'm glad you liked the stuffed onion! I had some stuffing left over as well, but that was good enough to eat with a spoon, so I didn't mind at all:)
(and sorry for the delayed answer - have literally just got back from internet-free week in London)

T. Carter said...

An Internet-free week? Wow, I think the last time I had one of those was when Evelin and I went to the Highlands in 2002 -- and I remember looking around for an Internet cafe once or twice ...

Pille said...

Indeed:) I did find an odd internet cafe, but they were intensely smoky places with very tired computers with crap keyboards. And the last few days I simply didn't have time for internet, running from one meeting to another as I was. It did feel weird, though I must admit that there was nothing in my inbox last night that would have needed urgent attention earlier..