Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Change of Plans

So I'm home today, which was expected, but at a much earlier hour and sans Evelin and the girls. On Friday, we drove up Massachusetts for my mother-in-law and her twin brother's birthday party. Although the girls were good, it was a pretty long drive through intermittently dreich weather. We stopped in Easthampton to visit K--- and T--- and their baby boy, J---, which was nice. J--- is about 8 months, but a big boy and on his way to walking.

After the visit, we headed back to the Mass Pike, where we passed through two strong thunderstorm cells. Celeste was less than impressed and started saying "Home. Home." We told her we were going to her grandmother's house, but she just said: "No. Our house!"

Eventually she calmed down, and when we finally did make it to Evelin's parent's house, Celeste was ready to see the grand'rents and some toys she hadn't seen since Christmas.

The party was Saturday in Gloucester. Since the girls fell asleep shortly into the drive, we took the long way there — via Boston so Evelin could get a look at the Zakim Bridge.

The party was a nice, relaxed affair. The rainy weather kept us inside for the most part, but we did take a short walk down to the ocean and on to the rocks. Celeste thought it was neat, especially when I'd give her pebbles to drop/toss into a tide pool.

We ended up staying way too late at the party (until after 7:00 p.m.), which left the girls falling asleep on the ride home and very much off schedule. Celeste transitioned from her carseat to crib okay, but Quinn had a rough time getting back to sleep, and both girls awoke during the night.

Sunday morning is where the change in plans hit me. On Friday, while Evelin's dad and I were running out to pick up diapers and other supplies, Evelin and her mom, M---, started talking about extending her stay in New England. I needed to be back at work on Monday, and M--- had something she needed to do on Wednesday.

So that Evelin and the girls could stay, I flew home on Sunday and M--- is driving with Evelin back to Maryland on Tuesday. Depending upon how long it takes them, I'll either give M--- a ride back up to BWI that evening or Evelin will drop her off on the way home.

I checked the train and airlines and found a decent fare on Southwest from Manchester. I hate Southwest — I can't stand the A–B–C seating thing, I don't like the phony jocularity of the staff, everything about the airline just grates on me — but it was shorter and cheaper than the train, and I wouldn't have to get someone to give me a ride into Boston or to Springfield. So, I got bought the ticket and made it back to Maryland with no real incident.

Once at BWI, however, I had to figure out how to get home. Last time I came home earlier than Evelin, it was planned and we left a car at the airport; this time, I ended up taking the B30 to Greenbelt and then cabbed it from there. My other option was a train to New Carrollton, but it cost five times as much ($15 vs. $3) and only left about 10 minutes earlier. I would have taken Metro to a closer station and then walked home, but it was raining pretty hard and I was tired.

Home without the girls, I did a little futzing, ran down to The Mall to see what I could see at Natural History, the Botanic Garden, and the Postal Museum. Then it was back home to just sort of crash/relax.

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