Thursday, June 22, 2006

Postcrossing: 100 Cards

With the card I received last night from the Groningen, Netherlands, I've had 100 postcards sent or received via Postcrossing since I signed up in the beginning of February. Most of the cards I have received have been pretty interesting — a few handmade cards, a couple of funny ones, some cute animals, uzw. — and I think the ones I've sent have been okay. (Evelin's been less than impressed with a few cards I've bought for mailing, but the replies from the receivers have been mostly positive ...)
postcrossing history map
Of the 100 cards, 47 have been sent and received/entered (red lines) and 46 I received (blue lines). Not shown are six that are still traveling (one of which is expired), and one that is in limbo because the user was deleted from Postcrossing before my card was received/entered. The longest travel time for any received card was 30 days for one from Brazil; the shortest was one I sent to Germany, which was received/entered within three days. One card is MIA after 126 days, so it's officially scored as "expired" although there's always a chance it could end up getting entered. It was sent to Manaus, Brazil, so that might be part of the reason it's taking so long.

As the map shows, there've been a lot of postcards to/from Finland: 37 in total. The next largest batch is to/from Germany at 15; the Netherlands and the United Kingdom at 10 each; and then Brazil and New Zealand with five each. Of the U.K. postcards nine involved England and one Wales. Three cards have been sent to or received from Portugal; two have involved Austria, Canada, France, and Singapore; and I've had one card to/from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, and South Africa. Actually the Finland number, as high as it is, is slowly decreasing. At one point earlier in the year, about 45% of my cards were to/from Finland.

Actually, my total number of cards sent/received should be 102 instead of 100 because I sent a second postcard to the guy in Manaus in case the first one was lost. I did a similar second card mailing to a user in Germany after about 50 days and that card was entered very quickly — things do get lost in the mail sometimes ...

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hello there!! greetings from another postcrosser... :) just wanted to pop by and say HELLO!! :D