Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This and That

It was about 85°F this afternoon, but humidity in the sub-50% RH range, so after a little waffling I made it out for a 7-mile bike ride during lunch today. I headed over to the W&OD trail, which I've been on a few times, but took a turn off at a random side trail and, after a few surface streets, found myself in Lubber Run Park. It doesn't (as best I could tell) connect up with the rest of the trail network directly (at least not from the way I approached/left it), but it was pretty nice: very shady, totally vacant, and a chipmunk paradise. I don't think I've ever seen so many Eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus) in one place; every few yards of trail, I'd see another one or two.

Other than that, one belated blog task I've failed to do is to give a big thank you to The Late Greats for converting to MP3 and tracking Rosanne Cash's appearance on WXPN's Free at Noon series.

And another thank you to The Scotch Blog for the Glenfiddich hat I won last week.

Finally, this isn't an experiment Celeste is signed up for, but Cancer Research UK has found that children's taste for fish and meat, but not for vegetables and sweets, is inherited. [ BBC | Press Release ] Based on our own experiences with Celeste, she definitely likes her fruits and vegetables, but is relatively neutral toward meat and fish. Evelin offers it to her sometimes when we're out or happen to have some in the house, but she never really goes crazy for it (excepting a brief craze for cheese melted on chicken, but that passed). Now if the study had found an evolutionary bias toward loving blueberries ... that would be Celeste's sort of study.

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