Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Stories

After Celeste's allotted three bedtime stories this evening, she asked for another. I pointed out that she'd already gone through her three story penguins and that it was time for bed, but then added that she and Dee Dee Bear and Tim Bear and her other animals could tell each other stories. Celeste corrected me, saying that her stuffed animals didn't tell stories.

As I put her in her crib, Celeste listed all of her animals — Dee Dee Bear, Tim Bear, Night Bear, Cut Passy, Passy, Blankie, Puppy, Pinkie, Spotty Puppy, Lamba — and then said that she would tell them stories. And that's what she did. As soon as I put her down, she rolled up to a sitting position and helped me arrange the animals around her and then she started telling them about how she went underwater at the big big pool and about Bambam Bimbim* and Celeste at the zoo.

*Bambam Bimbim, Celeste tells us, is a man who lives at the National Zoo. He knows all the animals there and is a very good friend. He started popping up in her story requests as we were leaving the zoo on Saturday ... I have no idea how he got his name.
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Earlier Today ...

... I started a post about Katrina, but after reading through my posts from last 29 August and the next few days, I didn't really feel up to revisiting it; just reading back over it and thinking back to how I felt for those three days (and it felt like a lot longer) not knowing what was going on with my family ...

This past weekend, my mother was up visiting and in between playing with the girls and catching up and talking about this and that we talked a bit about how the recovery is going, both for my extended family that's in New Orleans and for the region as a whole, and we kept a wary eye on Ernesto and what that meant in terms of evacuation for friends and family in New Orleans ...
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