Thursday, August 31, 2006


I miss Celeste's nap. Maybe she's not done with it entirely; she definitely still needs one. But yesterday and today she powered through with just a little quiet time (and a good bit of late afternoon crankiness). She also dropped her nap last Thursday or Friday while my mother was here, but we could run a one-on-one defense against the girls; without an extra hand during the afternoon, Evelin or I am outnumbered.

Which leads to something like this ...
It is Possible
I'll admit it: I've been curious about the possibility of carrying Quinn in the BabyBjörn and Celeste in the REI Piggyback at the same time. When Quinn fussing needed the BabyBjörn and Celeste's crankiness needed something (and my sanity needed to get out of the house), I figured Celeste wouldn't say no to a backpack ride.

Getting Celeste into the Piggyback wasn't too bad with Quinn strapped to me, and lifting her up to my shoulders wasn't too bad either. But getting all the buckles buckled and straps adjusted was a bit of a pain. Plus the BabyBjörn was pulling my back and shoulders in one direction while the Piggyback pulled in another.

We only went on a little hike through the neighborhood (passing a couple of big construction/destruction sites, which Celeste thought were cool), but it was long enough for Quinn to fall asleep and me to feel like I tweaked something in my lower back (hopefully the Pendleton will help with that).
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mc said...

Too cute! But I can see why your back hurts... We've just started using the Bjorn (and Ess is still facing in), and if I don't get the cross in back at just the right spot it really is uncomfortable.

suz said...

Thank God you have test driven this and reported results. It has crossed my mind SO many times. I don't know if I could get them both on by myself though. I'll try it with a spotter first. Now I just have to go to the liquor store!

marchenland said...

Good lord! You have growths!

That's just scary. I mean cute. But in a scary way.Or wait... no, scary in a cute way... uh... I don't know WHAT I mean!


Anyway! I've been up in Massachusetts all week, and wow, it's pretty up here.

Glad to see you're all alive and well.

T. Carter said...

Hi Mad, You mean the beard, right? Glad you had fun in Mass; did you make it on a whale watch?

marchenland said...

No, no... although it's been a while since I made that comment, I am pretty sure I meant your children.

Revisiting the photo now, you remind me of a one-man band.

I have a real problem with giggling at those Baby Bjorn things... they always look like people with partly formed conjoined twins to me, particularly when the baby is backwards.

FSM help me, I will never grow up.