Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Was I Thinking?

So here it is: I'm home; the girls are both napping; I've had lunch; and what am I doing? Work: arguing 2007 editorial calendar dates/items with the publisher; looking at the redesign of some elements of the paper that haven't been updated in a decade (and reading a pretty interesting article on newspaper redesign mentioned on; answering e-mails; etc.

Clearly there are more important things to do ... like update this blog.

One thing I've been meaning to mention is Celeste's fondness for reporting the world around her. She spends a good bit of time narrating what she, Quinn, me, Evelin, some random thing, is doing. It's really cute and gives her a chance to showoff her rapidly expanding vocabulary.

She also has been categorizing things and the way our family breaks down is that Celeste is a "big, big girl;" Quinn is a "big girl;" I am a "big, big boy;" and Evelin is a "mumma." And it's not just Evelin: If we ask about C--- and her mother, G---; C--- is a "big, big girl" and G--- is a "mumma." We've tried it with other families and the same breakdown: boys, girls, and mummas. (Although she did say Evelin's cousin-in-law, J---, was a "man." Hurm, I'm not sure what to take away from that ...)

[UPDATE: (3:05 p.m.) To keep me on my toes, Celeste (who awoke about 20 minutes ago) just told me that I am a "big, big boy;" she is a "big girl;" and Quinn is a "little girl." Evelin remains a "mumma."]

[UPDATE DEUX: Audio (MP3)]

The other thing is that while the new stove is doing well, something's up with the dryer. Evelin said there was a "something died smell" in the basement this morning (late she said it could have been a burnt rubber smell), and that the dryer wasn't working. I'd started the dryer before leaving for work at 5:00 a.m. and apparently it worked for a little while before cutting off. Now it won't restart. The circuit wasn't tripped and there is power at the outlet, so it could well be something overheated in the dryer.

Of course about two weekends back, I took things apart to vacuum out anywhere where lint might be building up in the line and filters and exhaust, so maybe I dislodged something that shouldn't have been dislodged and that caused the problem.

I printed a bunch of stuff of the succinctly URLed and tonight after the girls go to bed I guess I'll be seeing if I can figure out what's wrong. If not, I guess I need to find a dryer repair guy and/or an electrician.
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