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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Am Clumsy ... 

... seriously. Falling down happens. Evelin was teasing me about it just the other day; I don't remember the circumstances, but I'm sure it looked something like Chevy Chase's impersonation of Gerald Ford.

So, as part of Evelin's commentary, I was warned that I better not fall while carrying the baby. Full of indignation, I said no such thing could ever happen.

Then I read defective yeti. Even worse than what happened to Matthew (which I totally could see happening to me) is that the comments are FULL of other falling-and-dropping-the-baby stories.

I am so doomed. (Via daddytypes.com)

Blogger Commenting:
Yeah. You're doomed. Mensa Boy is NOT clumsy and he managed to drop Nate on his head. Every morning started with my husband carrying the baby around while he got ready for work. Hold the baby while shaving. Hold the baby while dressing (yes, he figured out a way), hold the baby while eating breakfast. But one morning Daddy had to go to basement pantry to get more cereal. So down the uncarpeted, painted basement steps..IN HIS SOCKS! He slipped half way down, and careened downward, feet first. Baby Nate went up in the air, did a little twist and fell down on his head. Fortunately, Daddy had slid all the way to the bottom and stopped just in time for Baby Nate to land on his chest. So Nate avoided contact with the concrete floor. No injuries, just a lot of crying. Lots and lots of crying. I really think Nate was only crying because his Mom and Dad were.
Now, Carter has slipped down the basement stairs at least 3 times that I know of (this is what precipitated the baby dropping discussion, I believe). Carter likes to point out that I have also slipped on the stairs (I'm sure I was nudged) as has my dad. But I would note that he's still done it more than the two of us combined.

Bah. The stairs were out to get me. Or something like that. I'm not going to definately say that I won't drop the baby (because that's just tempting fate), but ... well ... I'll just shut up now ...
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