Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Baby Anteater

Well, Mei Xiang may not have been pregnant this summer, but Sauna, a female giant anteater at London Zoo, did give birth back in June to a baby male. Apparently, giant anteaters are very difficult to get to breed in captivity (not unlike pandas), but London Zoo has apparently had a good deal of success. They are now running a contest to help name the little guy, and are looking for a Portuguese name, as the animals originally come from Brazil.

Flooding and power outages in Annapolis kept Evelin's acupuncturist from getting in to work early enough for Evelin's treatment this morning. She was originally going to stick me some more, too, but because I'm on meds for the bronchitis, she didn't want to combine acupuncture with the Western meds, so my acupuncture is being delayed until I’m in better shape.

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