Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Blog Burst

It's been a busy, busy day, so here's the quick entry:

Baby Kicks: I finally felt the baby kick. Last night while lying in bed, I had my hand on Evelin's stomach and the little one gave a mighty swing that made both of us jump. It was just the one kick, but now I have hope that the baby is not ignoring me ...

Garden: Peas are yummy; strawberries are yummy; raspberries and blueberries are developing well; garlic looks good; peppers are in the ground; tomatoes are still in pots; the daylily buds are tasty, too; scarlet runner beans and okra have been planted, but we're not sure if scarlet runners are edible or just ornamental.

Public Art: PandaMania has arrived. I've spotted two of the sculptures and need to find more of them.

Yard: The weeds and cicadas are winning.

Cicadas: I took a picture of one Brood X bug for Actually is a pretty neat site for trying to figure out what kind of spider is crawling up the wall...

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