Sunday, May 23, 2004

XIXth Century Theatre

Last night, we took in a historical play, "Black-ey'd Susan; or, All in the Downs" by Douglas William Jerrold [review]. It's a nautical drama based on the 1720 ballad by John Gay.

The play was performed in true 19th-Century style by candlelight on the lawn of Riversdale, and audience participation (cheering the hero, sighing for the ingénue and booing/hissing the villains). Also part of the performance: sea chanteys. The acting was overblown at times, but that is historically accurate, and it was funny to see the main villain reacting to the audience whenever he was booed.

During intermission, the first floor of Riversdale was open for touring, so we got to see the progress of the renovation as well as a quick look at the "Please Be Seated" exhibit of furniture from the permanent collection of the mansion.

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