Saturday, May 15, 2004

Spring Cleaning

Evelin is at graduation right now (as a staff member, she has to help out, and it might be crowded this year since at least one celebrity, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, is graduating this year), so I'm at home taking a quick break from our spring cleaning to blog and surf a little.

I have upstairs and about half of downstairs dusted and swept, now I just need to finish the diningroom and kitchen, clean the bathroom and vacuum the rugs in the livingroom and basement. Then I guess I get to start cutting the grass/ogräs/cicadas.

Tomorrow, my mom will be visiting for a few days and at the end of the month, Evelin's parents will be down, so I guess it's good to get as much cleaning out of the way as possible.

It'll be good to see all the various 'rents, but since they'll be staying in the upstairs room that I started patching/prepping for painting, I've had to delay moving out the furniture to start sanding and painting until after the visits. (I probably could squeeze the work in between the visits, but I don't know if I will.)

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