Monday, May 10, 2004

Rabbits on Parade

So on Sunday, after the farmers market (which was after picking up more mulch and then taking the car to the car wash -- a necessity after cramming 10 bags of mulch into the back seat and trunk on Saturday and the additional five in the trunk on Sunday morning), I stopped by Finewares in Takoma Park.

Months ago, I think it was around the time of the positive pregnancy test or maybe after the second β-hCG level came back, we'd stopped in and seen this neat serigraph ("Summer Twilight Parade") by Debbie Littledeer. We both liked it, and it would be perfect in a nursery, without being a nursery-exclusive piece of art. However, caution and fears kept us from buying it that day.

In late March, I did a solo run to the farmers market and stopped into Finewares again. The picture was still there. Although Evelin was feeling much more solid about the pregnancy at this point, I still was worried about jinxing the amnio or something, so once again, I held off on buying it.

Well Sunday, I guess I crossed the point of no return. After getting our weekly supply of apples, a few asian pears, a bunch of spinach, some farmstead cheese and some free-range eggs, I walked into Finewares and bought the picture. When I brought it up to the counter, the woman said: "I've been wondering who was going to end up with this." She told me a bit about the artist, and it all made me even happier to have bought the picture.

Summer Twilight Parade by Debbie Littledeer

[The photo doesn't capture the colors very well; I had bad lighting, and the flash just caused other problems.]

Our nursery planning, such as it is thus far, consists of Evelin and I both saying that neither of us wants to deck things out in too baby-specific of stuff. Out little red room is a great, rich red color and it will be a good room for a crib and other baby furniture, but we don't want to put a border of teddy bears up or anything (after all, that was what the room looked like when we moved in; it took a while to get all that wallpaper down, the walls patched and then painted).

Instead, the closest we think we'll have to a theme is black-and-white animals. We have a cool Humane Trophies faux zebra rug that we bought years ago, and we have a couple of stuffed pandas (teddy bears, not taxidermy). Add to the mix penguins and maybe orcas and that's as close to a "theme" as I think we want to get. (And, yes, I realize the rabbit serigraph doesn't match that theme, but Evelin and I both liked it, so we're not going to worry about it.)

[ASIDE: Work may keep me blogging in the evening for the foreseeable future (but who can tell). The assistant editor I was allowed to hire to replace the managing editor who quit a few weeks ago started today. She's sharp (and a vegetarian), so I think things will work out quite well.]

[ANOTHER ASIDE: Cookie necklaces sound like a good idea, but they have a downside, as Enjanerd explains.]

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