Wednesday, August 11, 2004

How Have You Been?

Well, since last I blogged, not too much has changed. The baby is still growing and kicking inside Evelin. We have a crib, but we still need to get a mattress. And we still haven't gotten new windows for the house.

The garden is producing some okra and cherry tomatoes (assuming today's hailstorm didn't do much damage), but the green peppers, non-cherry tomatoes, and corn are just puttering along. And it looks like the squirrels and/or raccoon have discovered the corn -- hopefully, the figs, which Evelin and I aren't fond of, will fill up whatever got into the corn last week.

So, what all has been going on? Lots of work. This past issue was one of the larger ones we've had in a while, which is good; but I haven't hired anyone to replace T--- yet, which is bad. Add in trying to figure out my new, expanded duties, and other projects with deadlines arriving/slipping and things are rapidly slipping back into 過労.

On the baby side, we made a very quick trip down to Atlanta over the weekend to pickup a bunch of baby stuff from my brother and sister-in-law. The twins are about 10 months old and super cute. It's amazing to see how different their personalities are and how they respond to everything.

We did the wake-up-at-3:00-a.m. thing again and got down there in decent time. For the drive back, we took Route 29 through Virginia instead of the interstates, which made for a nicer drive. And when we got back to I-95 at Fredericksburg (via Routes 20 and 3) on Sunday evening, the backups to D.C. were already in place, so we kept on on Route 3 and took the Nice Bridge back to Maryland, adding a few more hours to the trip with the four-mile backup to the bridge. In all, we spent about 24 hours of the weekend driving, but came away with a bag of baby clothes, a swing, a bouncing chair and some other toys and tools.

The other thing is that Evelin's found herself a car; well, a truck. Long story short: A friend at work has a 1999 Honda CR-V she doesn't really want to part with, but she doesn't need another car. She and Evelin have been talking about us buying the CR-V for a few months now and V--- is finally ready to make a sale.

Evelin picked up the truck after work on Monday, and I took it to my mechanic on Tuesday. The mileage is on the high side for its age, but it's been well maintained; the mechanic gave it his approval, so we just have to work out the price and the MVA details.

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