Friday, July 28, 2006

Bedtime Stories

These days, as Celeste is winding down for bed (and throughout much of the rest of the day), she makes demands for a story. "Daddy/Mumma, tell Celeste story ..." Sometimes she'll remember to say "Please," although more often than not she needs to be prompted. Other times, she makes specific story requests.

Tonight, she said: "Daddy, tell Celeste story 'bout Celeste, Daddy fly airplane Grammy house, get Celeste puppy dog." The back-story to that tale is that when Evelin and the girls extended their visit to Massachusetts in late June, they visited Evelin's grandmother ... and Celeste's stuffed puppy dog (or, I should say, one of her stuffed puppy dogs) had the misfortune to be left behind. We've been telling Celeste that puppy dog was taking a plane to get home, but it took a while for anyone to post the puppy to Maryland. (We have it on reliable authority that the dog is now on its way home as of Wednesday.)

She also will sometimes make a story request and then expand it as we go: "Daddy, tell Celeste story bout Celeste, Dee Dee Bear go library ..." [story starts] "... get book 'bout honey [points at Dee Dee] ..." [story continues; mentions Quinn] "... in carseat, Mumma car ..." [story about to restart] "... Quinn" [switch to sign] MILK MILK MILK ... [and so forth].

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