Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More About the Girls

Celeste has taken to demanding "Ernie diapes." She wears Pampers Cruisers, but she wants nothing to do with the ones with Cookie Monster, Bert, or Big Bird printed on them. She'll accept an Elmo diape, if she has to, but only an Ernie diape is embraced with glee. I don't get it. We've taken to pulling two diapers at random from the bag and asking her to pick. Once I picked two Big Birds, that got a big "no, no" from her. Yesterday, she got a Ernie and as I was putting it on, she remarked "Elmo, Big Bird. Buttside." referring to the small pictures on the back of the diaper. At least it sounded like she said "buttside," maybe she said "backside," but I'm not sure. I'm also not sure where the learned that.

Quinn has definately found her fingers and how to use them. She's getting really good at gripping things and is managing to pick up small toys to bring them to her mouth. She's also fond of sucking her hands; we may not need to find a suttetræ for this one ... unlike her big sister.

Celeste and Quinn Tummytime
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