Sunday, July 02, 2006

Doing Okay

After the troubles of yesterday morning, I think we have things in hand with Quinn (at least with me and Quinn along — add Celeste to the mix and all bets are off). The biggest problem I had with the first feeding with Quinn was that she wanted to be in a much lower position that was possible with the bottle.

We have a bunch of Playtex Drop-Ins-based bottles and those always worked well for Celeste, but it just dinnae happen with Quinn, at least not at first. For the second feeding, I tried an Avent Naturally bottle, but it ended up leaking quite a bit. I don't think I put the bag in properly.

Despite both of us needing to change our clothes after that feeding, Quinn did much better than with the first bottle of the day, however, I was still thinking we'd need to try some other sort of bottle/feeding system. I was thinking something like the Breastbottle would work well; Evelin suggested something like the Gabriel Feeding Harness. (I'm pretty sure she was joking.)

[CORRECTION: Evelin just informed me that the Gabriel Feeding Pad is not what she had in mind; she was thinking of one of the Medela Supplemental Nursing Systems ...]

The third (and final) bottle of the day (and both of them thus far today) was much easier. I'm not sure she's taking as much from the bottle as she takes directly from Evelin (Quinn's stomach doesn't feel as firm after a bottle feeding as it does after breastfeeding), but she does pretty good: 1.5 ounces or so and then maybe another quarter ounce while playing or falling asleep on the Boppy.

For all those bottles, we used the Playtex Drop-Ins but with latex nipples instead of the silicone ones. Celeste always did well with the silicone ones, but I guess the softer latex ones work better for Quinn ... or maybe they just work better because Celeste didn't use them and thus they're new. I don't know.

The next test will be Tuesday. Evelin is going to find something to do by herself for a few hours while I try juggling both girls by myself. ¡Eep!

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