Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rash and Puzzle Video

When Celeste woke up from her nap, I went into her bedroom to find her trying to tug her dress over her head. We both had a little laugh about it, until I noticed a red, bumpy, splotchy patch over her sternum. I immediately started thinking it was something like fifth disease, measles, chicken pox, etc., and called Evelin to see if she'd noticed it earlier in the day.

Evelin said she hadn't spied anything rash-like on Celeste, and then Celeste started making motions like she'd hurt herself trying to climb out of the crib or something. In retrospect, I would have heard a loud noise and/or crying if that was the cased, but at the time, I thought maybe the rash was a bruise/brush burn.

I started asking some questions, which Evelin rightly said were leading the witness ("Did you hurt yourself trying to climb out of your crib?" "Uh-huh."), so I switched tactics and asked if she'd been bit by a dinosaur (Celeste said, "No."). Then I noticed a red dot near her mouth and remembered that Evelin said Celeste had had a plum at lunch.

Turns out it was just plum drippings that'd fallen inside her dress and Evelin hadn't cleaned them up. The "rash" washed away pretty easily.

Quinn slept through all of this. She actually had a good nap today, after which she took a good 4-fluid-ounce bottle without a problem. I think part of the problem is she isn't comforted by a bottle; if she's fussy, a bottle only makes things worse. If she's just hungry (and otherwise in a good mood), a bottle is fine.

While Quinn was napping, I tried filming Celeste doing one of her puzzles. I'm still impressed by how well she does with puzzles — very little hesitation, knows where pieces go, pretty good at figuring out the orientation. The camera has a 30-second buffer, so there are some jumps where I stitched together the AVI files, but she (or actually puppy for the first few pieces) did the puzzle in not much more than 90 seconds.

(And in the interest of multimedia sibling parity, I'd note that Quinn's entry from Saturday about talking now has an MP3 of her cooing ...)

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