Thursday, March 25, 2004

Stressed Some More

It's definitely another one of those days. As I like to think is common in most people's offices, there are a fair number of toys around our office. I have some Lego sets on the bookcase-o-dictionaries™ and an old Spokespuppet, there are some Muppet items in other offices, and one person has an impressive Pez collection and an inflatable shark hanging from her ceiling.

Anyway, one item that's laying around is this weird doll with a long skinny neck and a big head topped with a blue mohawk that makes a satisfying warbling sound when shaken. We've always considered it a bit of a stress-release toy: Get frustrated with a PR person, advertiser, client, whoever, and you could just give this thing a shake and it would make you laugh and feel a little better.

After a particularly ... annoying ... call this afternoon, I gave it a shake, and it broke. Not stopped warbling broke, but head dangling at a disturbing angle broke. I felt really bad about this (as is my wont), and immediately started looking on eBay and for a replacement, but no luck.

Thankfully this stage of this project will be over early next week; I'll (hopefully) be done with my regular issue soon thereafter; then the next stage of the project will roll into my francophone magazine followed in close succession by my next issue; and then, maybe I'll get a break.

One less destructive stress release: When feeling a bit down, tragic tales like "When Biscuits Go Wrong" and "The Wrong Bananas"bring a smile to my lips and a tear to my eyes.

Oh, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise: The Spongmonkeys [ Original | Quiznos ] are tarsiers (Tarsiidae), even if I'm not sure of the exact species.

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