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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


If I'm going to be that stressed for every OB appointment, I don't know how I'll make it to 40 weeks.

I'm on edge already because of work (something that was exasperated by cutting out yesterday around 1:00 p.m.), but apparently I was acting out on the drive to the doctor's office because Evelin was getting worried about how frustrated I was by other drivers.

Despite my being a wee bit high strung, the appointment went well. Instead of an ultrasound, the doctor used a fetal doppler to check the heartbeat -- 150 bpm. It took a little while to position the doppler correctly, but once the doctor found the heartbeat it was good and strong.

The rest of the appointment was pretty basic. We're still on track to stop the Lovenox injections in another week or so; actually Evelin decided to cut back to one injection a day, thinking it would be better to step down the dosing instead of going cold turkey once we hit week 13.

We also asked about Evelin getting a blood test to check for elevated lead levels; the doctor said okay (and Evelin's going for that test today), but said we should really test our water if we were concerned. And we are. We use a Brita filter on our drinking and cooking water, but who knows ...

The D.C. area has been having lots of lead-related water concerns recently, which is what brought it all to mind. According to our water company (WSSC), its water lines do not interconnect with the D.C. water authority (WASA), but there have been some high lead levels found in tests by WSSC of some schools in the area. But I haven't seen anything about our neighborhood schools. So I filled out the web form requesting a water test; I'm not sure exactly how it's done, but I guess we'll find out.

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