Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fall Down/Pull Up

Celeste and I came up with a new game today. I was sitting on the floor and she was walking over to me, bumped into me, and I rolled backwards. Celeste looked a little worried and started tugging me at my shirt to pull me back up.

A little later, I was laying on the floor, and she came over, sat on my stomach and tried to pull me up. I sat up and tipped her backwards. We went back and forth several times: I pulled her up and tilted myself back; she tried to pull me up and I tilted her back again; and so forth.


Anonymous said...

That's adorable... like a see-saw? That's a great game, I am sure she loves it!

T. Carter said...

Yeah, just like a see-saw, except I'm the seat, counterweight, and fulcrum all in one!