Sunday, November 20, 2005

In a Pile of Leaves

In a Pile of Leaves

We spent a little time today trying to get a picture of Celeste for our Christmas card. I guess it's a sign of the age (our age?), but we decided to do one of those picture-with-text-on-the-side card things and for that we needed a good festive season photo of Celeste. Of course, with no snow on the ground, we were stuck with leaves or something else as the background.

The above photo wasn't the image that won out in the end, but I did rake up a nice pile of leaves and stood Celeste in it to see what she'd think. She enjoys picking up leaves at the park and walking around with them, so I thought a big pile of leaves would be interesting to her. Instead, it proved a bit overwhelming ... especially when I had the bright idea to start throwing some to give the snapshot a leaves-falling effect ...

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Anonymous said...

That's a perfect pic for the season, you can always photoshop some snow flakes?

I had the same idea of using our little baby, our cat Callie. We don't have snow here in San Francisco, but I had a picture of her perched on the back of our sofa and the curtain pulled back and you can see the darkness.

I photoshopped some snow, a personalized santa hat, with a wrapped present beside her and sent it off for photo holiday cards.

I am sure any pic of Celeste will be perfect... she is such a cutie, I love those rosy cheeks.