Friday, November 04, 2005

And Now We Wait (Again)

Much like back in April 2004 after the amniocentesis during the pregnancy that yielded Celeste, we're in the waiting stage now. All in all, the amino went well this morning; Evelin ended up holding her breath during most of the procedure, which left her a bit faint afterwards, but otherwise there were no complications.

(M---, and was able to watch Celeste all day, so we didn't have to worry about keeping her occupied during things, which was nice.)

Evelin's at 17 weeks, so we could see a surprising amount of detail. I don't know if it is because things are further along of if these doctors had a better ultrasound machine, but as the tech moved the wand around, I was able to pick out lots of features, including the heart (four chambers, heartbeat of 147), the brain (two hemispheres), feet, hands, etc. We go back at 20 weeks for the gross anatomy scan, but things looked pretty good today. (And probably the week before that scan, we'll get the amnio results; hopefully those too will be good news.)

Today, Evelin took it easy and needs to do the same tomorrow. The worst is that Celeste is over the weight limit for what she can lift until Sunday. But I can pick Celeste up, and M---, my mother-in-law, who flew down last night to watch Celeste while we were at the doctor's, can do the same, so it's not like she's missing out on hugs, just some things are different. I think that confuses Celeste a bit ...

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