Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm Back ...

... from storytime at the library that is. Evelin is at the 20-week ultrasound at the moment, so I extended my Thanksgiving holiday to watch Celeste for the morning. (Actually, Evelin and Celeste let me get some work done this morning before Evelin had to leave for the doctor, and I'm switching back and forth between this and work while Celeste naps.) Originally, she was to have her 20-week visit with the midwife, too, but that ended up getting cancelled via voicemail while we were in Louisiana.

Which, I guess, brings up the other part of "I'm Back ...", we went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. Given the horror show that was Hurricane Katrina and its wake, there was no way I was going to miss being back home for the holiday. Plus, the rotation was that we would be there for Thanksgiving anyway, so no one should assume that a tree has to hit my folks' house — or New Orleans severely damaged — to get me to visit.

Unlike the Montana trip, I didn't blog things on my Palm as we went along, and although I'm heading into a work crunch, I hope to have entries for the trip up within a few days ...But before I get started on all that, one cute story:

One night while we were home, my niece, A---, apparently was talking in her sleep. According to her mother, she said "No, slow down!" presumably referring to her father's driving. Well, when we got home on Saturday, Celeste was having a rough night — she's teething, maybe in a leap, and has a little cold or something — and she ended up in our bed a bit after midnight. I didn't sleep so well for the rest of the night, so I was awake at 5:00 a.m. or so when I noticed that Celeste was moving one hand up over her head. It didn't look like a stretch or anything, and she did it a few times in a row, which makes me think she was dreaming about the airplane ride home or something and was signing AIRPLANE in her sleep ...

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