Monday, November 14, 2005

Fire at the Weather Station?

I had to call home this morning to make sure all was well in the Florida Parishes. A while ago, I took up Google's offer to personalize my homepage and as part of the deal it feeds me headlines from the BBC, The Washington Post, Reuters, and Google News; the word of the day; top radio-related news headlines; and the weather forecast for where I live, where my parents live, where my parents-in-law live, and for Paris (where my European editor lives).

This morning, the weather forecast for Maryland looked fine, as did the ones for Massachusetts and Paris. Hammond, Louisiana, however, was registering a temperature of 126°F. It did cool off a little to 118°F later, but it soon jumped back up to 132°F.

Calling home, my mother said it was foggy (which matched what Google was saying), but the temperature was only about 70°F. After a few hours, the Google Weather report did even out to match out with what my mother said the day was like, but I still have to wonder if there was a fire at wherever the temperature sensor was or something ...

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