Tuesday, December 13, 2005


On Sunday, while I was at the office (long story; all part of the same long story as to why I have yet to finish my Thanksgiving posts or blog much this month), Evelin called to let Celeste tell me her new word "back-pack." That's right word, as in spoken word, not sign. She kept walking over to the Piggyback, patting it, and saying "back-pack."

It's not her first word, but it is definately her longest. (She's also saying Mumma, Daddy, up, hot, and a few other things regularly, and there's been the stray bath, cat, and other words/vocalizations. Once it sounded like she said playground, but we must have misheard her.)

So, as soon as I got home, Celeste hopped up into the backpack and she and I hiked up to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.
Celeste in Backpack.jpg
(I only look like a freak in that shot because it was taken with a cameraphone* ... at least I hope that's the reason.)

Anyway, this afternoon, Celeste wedged herself into the corner where we keep the Piggyback and started tugging at it, saying "backpack" and signing PLEASE. I offered to take her out, if she'd put on her snowsuit, but the thought of getting back into that set her off crying, so we compromised.

Sometimes, Celeste likes to be carried around the house by Evelin in the sling; with me, apparently, she like to be carried around the house in the backpack. We spent about 20 minutes mostly walking around the livingroom and diningroom (although she did give me a few moments to sit down and start this entry, too).

* Which I guess brings up another thing to blog: I've shifted away from Paygoism. Evelin remains a paygoist for now, and Celeste enjoys playing with my old phone, but I'm now with Working Assets Wireless.

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