Sunday, December 04, 2005

She Mocks Me

I'm a bit under the weather today; it seems I have some remnants of the touch of Katrina Crud that Celeste picked up in Louisiana. Toward the end of our visit, Celeste's nose was running a lot and she was coughing some; when we got home she was running a slight fever. We also figured that since she's weaned off breastmilk she's relying on her own antibodies now and is probably going to get a few more colds than she has had thus far in life.

We attributed it all to a mix of construction dust and other gunk floating through the air along with teething, but it did seem to linger for a little while ... and it must have been a bit contagious. Evelin had a little cough and she's still nursing a sore throat at night that's lingered since we got back. Yesterday, my nose started running and this morning I was running at about 100°F. Plus I didn't sleep well Friday or Saturday night, coming downstairs at 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., respectively.

Since I should be trying to edit listings for a year-end directory this weekend, I instead spent much of day lazing in bed, mostly napping and, on and off, reading.

While dealing with the crud, Celeste learned how to blow her nose. We can hold up a tissue and she will sneeze into it. Since the cold made her nose a bit sore, she's often waves away the tissue these days. Still, whenever she hears me sneeze or cough, Celeste mimics the sound — holding up her hand to cover her mouth/nose, which we've been trying to teach her. At first it was cute, but now it seems she's doing it to tease me ...

[ADDENDUM: Since I tend to sneeze like a bull elephant, Evelin has joined in Celeste's game and is mocking me too.]

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