Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rebuild New Orleans!

I spent a little time playing with the blog last night. While I support the goals of the Make Poverty History white band campaign, the "Send Tony Blair a Card" band that had been running didn't see as appropriate for a U.S.-based blog, so I decided to remove the black ribbon I'd put in the sidebar (linked to the American Red Cross fund and to after Katrina hit and to replace the MPH band in the upper righthand corner of the screen with a "Rebuild New Orleans!" ribbon modeled after the Make Poverty History band.

Working with the code New Links posted for a "Get Firefox Ribbon," I noodled up a New Orleans ribbon in Mardi Gras colors à la the magnetic ribbon my uncle was passing out at Thanksgiving. It's linked to the Renew New Orleans Foundation, a new 501(c)3 that is working to raise money for local New Orleans charities. From the Renew New Orleans Foundation FAQ:
100% of the profits from the Foundation’s fundraising activities will go to local New Orleans charities. We believe local New Orleans charities will be best suited to assist in the long-term rebuilding of the city, so we plan on donating to a variety of charities in the future depending on the needs required at that time. The areas we want to focus on are: 1) Health, 2) Education and 3) the Arts. Specific emphasis will be given to finding charities that support children and at-risk youths.
If others want to use this, it's pretty simple to do: Just add the following code to the body section of your web page or blog template. I do ask that you copy the banner to your own server and then edit the URL to wherever you've placed your copy of the image. Oh, and if the code is sloppy or buggy, please let me know and I'll try to fix/tweak.

<!-- Rebuild New Orleans ribbon -->
<style type="text/css">
border:0px none;
<a class="rbnofloatlink"href=""><img class="rbnofloatimage" alt="Rebuild New Orleans!" title="Rebuild New Orleans!" src="" /></a></div>

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