Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Pony Speaks

A while ago, Evelin found a Rockin Pony (apparently, they're currently being sold as the TekNēk Rock 'N Ride Pony) at the thrift shop. It's a cute little plush hobby horse, and while Celeste doesn't ride it too often, she does enjoy pretending to feed it. Whoever dropped it off at the thrift shop forgot to take the old batteries out of it, leaving them to corrode to the point where I couldn't clean the battery compartment. This didn't seem like such a bad thing — the horse is supposed to make noise, and having a silent toy instead seemed like a good idea.

Not willing to leave well enough alone, however, I found a replacement battery compartment and fixed the toy last night. Big mistake. With power, the mouth on the horse moves and it sings a pretty scary song. It also talks and makes running and whinnying sounds. The worst bit is that the old battery compartment had an on/off switch ... my version doesn't, which means the horse starts making the running sound at odd times when we walk past it or are sitting around talking or blogging or something.

But I can't disconnect things: Celeste loves the new talking version of her toy. The first time she heard it, it cracked her up (despite how creepy that song is). She really likes to hold her hand at the horse's mouth while it talks or sings.

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