Monday, December 19, 2005

Celeste: Not Convinced

Bush's latest charm offensive in the wake of revelations of his making up rationales for authorization of illegal wiretaps hasn't convinced Celeste much. We received in the mail today a postcard from NARAL Pro Choice America about Samuel Alito, "The Radical Right's Supreme Court Pick."

She pointed to W. and said "Bad Man."

I may have used that term and pointed to both Alito and Bush, but Celeste focused in on W. when she said it.

(Getting to the part of the post that won't bother my parents as much ...) Celeste actually has been saying a lot more; some of it just parroting back when we say something, but other times she's showing full understanding of context.

For example, last week during her bath, I put my face in the water to blow bubbles for her. She will put her face to the water, but doesn't quite manage to blow bubbles herself; however, she will say "bubbles" and sign PLEASE and today at storytime at the library, when the librarian cranked up the bubble machine, Celeste bent down like she was going to blow bubbles in her bath.

Also, tonight while we were putting on her pyjamas, Celeste spied her dump truck book and said "dump truck." She refused to say it again, but insisted she could say it.

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