Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Diff'rent Strokes

It violates my New Year's resolution about not post-dating blog entries, but I started this on Tuesday and didn't get to post it until now ...

Not that there's anything wrong with it, but Quinn and Celeste are really different little kids — how they eat, how they sleep, how they generally get through the day. I know it's no surprise that a toddler and an infant are different creatures, but I'm thinking of how Celeste was when she was an infant vs. how Quinn is ...

Sleeping in Cars: Celeste was never a fan; Quinn ... well, today I got home, she was fussy, Evelin said to take her for a ride and before I was outside of the Beltway, she was asleep. About 5 minutes after I got home, she started to wake again, so it was back on the road and we made a big loop from Route 50 to the Beltway to the cloverleaf at the Baltimore–Washington Parkway and back south on the Beltway. As we passed Route 50 again, I called Evelin (who was wondering where we were) and we picked her and Celeste up to head off to Rockville Pike so Evelin could get the Skip Hop diaper bag she's been wanting.

In all, Quinn slept about 3.5 hours out of four in the car with the wakeups being during that first hour. Celeste on the other hand ... actually, she does a lot better now, not necessarily sleeping in the car, but she can amuse herself.

Burping: Celeste was never much of a burper; Quinn, however, could put a frat boy to shame. She needs a moment or three after eating, but you can hear her belches far and wide.

One cute thing on the Celeste side of the equation is that she's picked up that we need to burp Quinn, and she's started play burping. She'll pick up Tim or Dee Dee or some other stuffed animal and pat it on the back while making a cough-cough noise, and she likes to whack Evelin and me on the back to do the same. In typical gross boy fashion, I will oblige Celeste's efforts with a good burp, which elicits a resounding chorus of "More!" Evelin, on the other hand, is less willing/able to burp, much to Celeste's consternation.

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