Saturday, May 20, 2006

They Love a Parade ...

This morning, our town marked it's 120th anniversary with a parade. There were several marching bands, some fire trucks, a few clowns, a step team, a lot of politicians (two of who were already getting my vote, two of whom there's no way I'm voting for, and several others who I haven't made up my mind about), and — best of all — a doggie drill team.

Evelin and Celeste headed down there close to the start time, while I stayed home with the napping Quinn. About 11:30, as the parade was reaching Evelin and Celeste's spot on the sidewalk, Quinn started to wake, so I put her in the BabyBjörn and headed out to meet them. (She fell back asleep on the walk.)

The doggie drill team was from Greenbelt Dog Training and they had the dogs and people marching in formation and doing turns and tricks in unison. Evelin remembered them from the previous year's parade; I hadn't seen them before, but it was pretty funny.

Sadly, there were no Shriners or synchronized lawnmowing teams ...

Big Girl

Not only is Celeste getting bigger, she's acting bigger and making some strides towards toilet training. We got her her potty a while ago, but she's only had passing interest in it.

Last night, while in her bath, Celeste said she was going to the toilet, so I asked her if she wanted to use her potty and, surprisingly, she said yes. Nothing happened, but she happily sat naked on it for a little while, reading Mimi's Toes (the book that helped coax her back into the bathtub). This morning, after breakfast and as I was getting her dressed for the day, before putting on her diaper and clothes, I asked Celeste if she wanted to try sitting on her potty. She said, "Mimi's Toes?" and I said sure, and she ran to the bathroom. It took her a moment to settle (and she signed BATH a few times), but pretty soon there was some action in the potty. Much praise and a sticker later, she was dressed and ready for the day.

As Celeste was getting ready for her nap this afternoon, I heard Evelin say that her diaper was dry, so I yelled up the stairs to try the potty. A few moments later: A second instance of potty use, more praise, and another sticker.

The 50,000th Visitor

And on a more ridiculous note: I've been watching my site meter knowing that the 50,000th visitor was due soon. As Evelin fed Celeste a post-parade/pre-nap snack, I clicked on my site ... and, voilà, I have met my 50,000th visitor and he is me. There's something perverse about that.

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Duke of Straw said...


in case you don't make it back to the feist post, i let you know the cash tracks will be up on Friday, if all goes as planned.

Thanks for reading my blog. Diggin' yours.

PS ~ know any editors looking for some good quality fiction? I am a novelist besides blogger...

T. Carter said...

Excellent, news about the Rosanne Cash session ... thanks!