Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Things are a bit hectic, but here's a little of what's going on ...

On the potty front ... Celeste has now gone five times (all number 1) in the potty; the promise of a sticker has proved beneficial. The most recent time, not only did she go potty, but we were downstairs and she signed TOILET and started running for the stairs. We got up to the potty, and about three pages into A Potty for Me! she popped up to check out what was in the potty. (And between when I started this entry and now, we've had bathtime and a sixth potty success ...)

On the head front ... Quinn is doing well with no signs of ill effect from her fall. However, on Sunday afternoon, Evelin noticed a giant goose egg on her head (on the side opposite the one that hit the floor in the fall). We were perplexed and worried, but decided to wait to call the doctor on Monday since she was acting normal. We still don't know for certain, but best I can figure is that she may have gotten it when the flung herself forward and headbutted my chin. (On Monday, the doctor, via telephone, agreed and said that we needn't come in or get a CAT scan.) Hopefully this will be Quinn's last head blow for a long time to come ...

On the bike front ... Yesterday, I managed to get out for a midday ride, about 634 miles (according to the really cool USA Track & Field running routes tool). I think as I better figure out where some of the roads and paths connect up around work, I can find some longer/better/different routes, but that stretch of the W&OD Trail was nice; in addition to a bunch of cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) and other birds, I saw one rabbit (eastern cottontail Sylvilagus floridanus) along side the trail (which isn't as cool as Evelin, Celeste, and Quinn's sighting of a common gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) on the trail to the Anacostia, which despite its name isn't too common ...)

On the baseball front ... (fantasy baseball, that is) after a few swooft trades, I have pretty much assembled the 2006 Red Sox as my fielders (with Orlando Cabrera at short). I can't pry Schilling, Papelbon, or Beckett away from the other teams, so my pitching is a hodgepodge of Sox, former Sox, and other guys who can get me some points. However, Evelin insists that if I'm playing fantasy baseball, I should have a more mixed team — plus, if I did that, I wouldn't feel obliged to start them every day and do risky things like keep Foulke in the lineup every day for fear of jinxing the real world Sawx.

On the non-fantasy baseball front ... how 'bout them Sawx?

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