Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Question for Worm Farmers

Just in case there are any worm farmers out there ... I'm pretty sure spontaneous generation/abiogenesis is about as valid a scientific explanation for the generation of creatures as Young Earth Creationism, so I'm a bit mystified as to where all the worms in our compost are coming from.

We have a Tumbleweed compost maker; it sits above the ground; we put grass clippings, kitchen peelings, etc., in, but no worms as far as I know ... yet the thing is full of worms. If the compost touched the ground, I could see how worms would make their way in, but it's (mostly) sealed and not touching the ground.

I'm glad; it's a sign that things are going well with the compost (in fact, we need to empty what's in it into the yet-to-be-planted tomato bed), but where did the worms come from?

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enjanerd said...

I'm no worm farmer, but I think worms lay eggs in grass. So, they'd be coming from the grass clippings and hatching in your compost.

Try google?

T. Carter said...

Hi Jane!

That makes sense. I guess I thought worm eggs would be laid underground ... I can't find a definate answer about that via Google, but I didn't look too hard ...