Friday, May 19, 2006

Take Your Bike to Work Day

Actually, it's National Bike-to-Work Day, but mine was already there ... where it is being as sadly neglected as it was in the basement.

Years upon years ago, when I started working where I do now, I took that paycheck from my previous employer that crossed over with the first paycheck at my new place and bought a new hybrid, an Iron Horse model that's no longer made (although the Adventure looks like it might be comparable — I'll have to check more closely when I'm back in the office Monday). It was an indulgence, but the old Huffy I moved up to D.C. with was way too heavy, awkward, and stolen.

I never was a hardcore (or softcore for that matter) bike rider, but I did enjoy going out for a cycle and the D.C. area has a lot of good bike trails. I even commuted from my old apartment to work a few times, but the roads between there and our current house aren't conducive to bicycle commuting and the trails head in the wrong direction.

Since Celeste arrived, I think I'd had one opportunity to go for a ride, so while I was on paternity leave I cooked up what seemed like a good plan: I'd leave my bike at my office and I could go for a ride during lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (Tuesday and Thursday being the days I leave early to watch the girls). It'd give me a chance for some exercise and, since we don't have showers in our building, I would stink so much no one would want to bother me/drag me into a meeting in the afternoons. Bonus.

As soon as I started back at work, I brought the bike in and dropped it off with the shop across the street for a tune up/clean up. Last Friday, after 4:00 p.m., it was finally ready and I took it for a short spin (basically about 10 blocks out of my way to get back to the office).

Since then ... nada. Monday, raining; Wednesday, hospital; today, rain. Hopefully, the weather will straighten out soon so I can stop looking like some poseur with a bike in his office ...

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