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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baby Crack 

When greg.daddy labels something as "baby crack," believe him. Yesterday, Celeste and I picked up some Veggie Booty for her to try; I figured it couldn't be as addictive as Daddy Types made it sound and it would expose her to spinach, kale, corn, and a few other new things.

Wow. Her first bite was a little uncertain, but after I ate one, she dug in. And it was the first time in a month that she's made anything close to the MORE sign. Celeste must have had 10 pieces, at least and almost all of it went into her belly (as opposed to into her new crumb-catcher bib). She also tired quickly of the peaches and cottage cheese and even the sweet potato chunks, but as soon as she saw another piece of Veggie Booty ... watch out!

(Actually looking back, it was Mary Elizabeth Williams writing in Salon that used the term "baby crack" for Veggie Booty. No matter who came up with it, the label fits.)

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