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Thursday, June 16, 2005

No! You Feed Me! 

A week or two ago, it seemed that Celeste wanted nothing to do with the spoon during mealtime. She'd pick up her Cheerio's, slices of cheese, and so forth, but anything on a spoon was suspect and deserved only to be swatted at and smashed across the face (hers or mine; it didn't seem to matter).

Today, she would pick up Cheerio's, banana slices, etc., but it would go maybe into the mouth, maybe straight to the floor. And if it did go into the mouth, there was no guarantee it would stay there for long.

However, if I would let her bite the piece of strawberry, for example, off my fingertip, then 90% of the time she will chew it up and swallow it (especially if I model chewing and swallowing for her). Even the mesh feeder bag ... she wanted me to hold it up to her mouth instead of holding it herself.

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