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Friday, June 24, 2005

Sleeping in Chairs 

I'm sure part of it is just everything catching up with me and my body working overtime to fight this poison ivy, but I've fallen asleep in an armchair every night this week. Tuesday, Evelin came home and I had Celeste not quite asleep in her crib while I was sacked out in the Barkaby in her room modeling good sleeping behavior. Last night and Wednesday night, I ended up in the garage-sale Ikea recliner (I can't find its Swedish name at the moment), and Evelin had to wake me up to send me to bed.

As for the poison ivy, I'm on to yet another group of products to try and kill the itching: Ivy-Dry Super worked great on drying up the rash and the first day or two it felt good, but either it or all the other stuff I tried before it really dried out the skin, which meant some serious burning when I applied the Super Ivy-Dry. Right now I'm trying Sarna, but I also have some Aveeno 1% hydrocortisone with oatmeal to try ...

At the risk of jinxing things, I am not the only one who's falling asleep a lot in the house. Celeste is doing a lot better overnight. She still wakes up a few times — and she's up for the day around 5:30 a.m. — but she's dropped one overnight feeding and either self-soothes or can be soothed back to sleep relatively easily. She does have occasional middle-of-the-night freakouts, but generally she's sleeping pretty well and giving us good four- to five-hour stretches of sleep.

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Sorry to hear about the Poison Ivy, that just sux.

But, congratulations on having lots of sleep going on. Maybe your sleepy vibes are affecting Celeste. Hope it keeps up (and the itch doesn't!).
Boy, Carter! This doesn't sound good...it seems like you should have stopped suffering after just a couple of days. Have you tried some Benadryl or other antihistamine? It sounds like your body just isn't fighting that off. I'd seriously consider seeing a doctor it is goes a week.
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