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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Third Tooth 

During her bath, Celeste decided to gnaw on my hand a little bit. The two very sharp teeth on the bottom jaw I was expecting; the eyetooth that poked the top of my finger, however, was a surprise. We've figured she was cutting a tooth or more for the past few weeks, but it is there, clearly visible and sharp. She may or may not be pushing through the complementary tooth on the other side of her mouth, and there might be the upper incisors coming too (it's hard to really tell), but she definitely needs to spend all that time chewing her toothbrush ...

Other news from the world of Celeste: She is getting close to figuring out this movement thing. She can still breakdance a little bit, but she's finding it easier to roll from back to stomach and back again until whatever she's grabbing for is in reach. She also is pushing herself along the ground on her back to get places.

Today, she moved a good meter and a half on her back, rolling over occasionally to check her direction, to get to her book basket where she tried to pull out Buzz-Buzz, Busy Bees. I had to adjust where it was in the basket, but she eventually pulled it out.

There also is the crib marathon. She was acting sleepy, so I tried to get her to go down for a nap. While I sat in her room reading, she pushed/pulled/rolled herself around the perimeter of the crib twice — we're talking a good 20 minutes of solid movement punctuated by the occasional grin or squeal.

There also was at least one point where it looked like she'd managed to pull her knees into a crawling position. I don't know if she didn't manage to crawl because her head was up against the bars or if she couldn't get her hands into position or her belly was in the way or what ... but it's probably going to be happening sooner than we're ready.

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