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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It Grows Here 

Back on 1 June, I started writing an entry about how the garden was doing but got distracted and never finished it. Back then, we were at what we would soon learn was the tail-end of our long, cold spring. Now, we are a good week into summer with temperatures in the high 80°Fs to high 90°Fs.

A few blueberries and raspberries seem to be setting on the plants, but the power grower this year has been the strawberries. There were a few in the front bed when we moved here, and we've added a few that we picked up at the USDA BARC Field Day over the years. This year, they're all cropping pretty heavily.

This afternoon, Evelin and Celeste were outside picking berries (well, Evelin was picking and Celeste was watching) and Celeste was adamant that she needed a strawberry. They weren't on her food list, but Evelin couldn't resist the happy, insistent face and Celeste apparently loved them. So, we'll watch for a reaction over the next few days while she pigs out on strawberries.

The peas have been growing nicely and for longer than we originally expected. The cool weather has extended their season, but that means we can't put the tomatoes in that bed yet. The leeks and carrots are showing their tops, and the cucumbers are developing nicely. The garlic will probably be wilting soon, which will mean we can harvest them in a month or so, and the bok choi isn't growing as quickly as advertised (10–14 days to harvest), but it's definitely there.

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