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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Celeste Loves a Pratfall 

... or something like that. She seems to have a pretty broad sense of humor, which isn't at all surprising considering that she's only 9 months old, but she did seem to enjoy dropping her mesh feeder filled with some half mushed mango chunks on my head this afternoon. Sure she acted all innocent and "Oops, where did my mango go?" but I think she knows what she was doing ...

I was trying to gather some of the various Cheerio's and bits of cheese, sweet potato, and everything else she'd moved from the highchair tray to her mouth to the floor and therefore was probably begging to have the mango-and-spit conditioner added to hair.

Blogger Commenting:
There's a joke in here regarding jell-o in the hair, but I'm too mentally weak to think of it right now.
Sigh ... nothing else to say, but sigh. (Oh, it was Orange Jell-O. The color/flavor is important to note, because the holding power was only matched by the smell.)
Orange? Really? I would have thought I'd be aiming lime at people, but perhaps we were all out of lime by then.

Well, if I haven't said "sorry" by now, then uh, Sorry! I'm quite sure you didn't *really* have it comin'. And if you did, well, it's all fruit-flavored gelatin dessert under the bridge now. (My inner brat notes that you spray-painted my hair, and says "Neener.")

Today's Useless Fact Du Jour of the Day: Green (not Lime; just GREEN) Jell-O is the state dessert of Utah. *shudder* They put CARROTS in the "green" flavor, and cottage cheese or something like that in the red flavor. It's like some horrible Land that Lileks Forgot or something.
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