Friday, November 21, 2003

32 Retrieved

Out of the 45 or so follicles, we got 32 eggs, slightly above 71.1%. We don't think Evelin broke any records, but we're happy. The doctor was pleased because the follicles had been growing along with the rising estrogen levels, but we were able to trigger and retrieve before the E2 got too out of hand. Evelin remains at risk for OHSS, but hopefully it will only be mild. Now we introduce my guys to Evelin's eggs in a swank, velvet-lined Petri dish, play a little Barry White, and see how many of them decide to get together. We should be getting a call tomorrow to let us know how many fertilized. Then, until the transfer on Wednesday, we should get regular updates about how things are progressing. We also get to start the progesterone shots tonight and the Lovenox injections in the morning.

Evelin did pretty well with the anesthesia. She has never been under before and since she responds well to meds in general, we weren't sure how this would go. It left her really groggy for a while and a bit nauseous, but we made it home after about two hours in the recovery room. She is resting quietly now, watching The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Now we just get to wait, do the injections, and keep our fingers crossed ...

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