Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Well, we coasted last night, this morning, there were two follicles that were well within range, but a host of others slightly smaller than 16 mm. Depending upon the E2 levels, we could be coasting again tonight with the hCG trigger shot tomorrow evening. However, if the levels have plateaued, then we trigger tonight.

Because of this, we got the full run down on the dos and don'ts for retrieval day. My end of it is pretty easy (as is true for most males dealing with IVF); Evelin has some eat/drink restrictions because she'll be going under for the procedure. We also have to do to hCG injection at a very specific time based upon our timeslot in the operating room. Because of Evelin is sprouting fortysomething follicles (ergo the "follie-ball" title, the ultrasound tech said Evelin's ovary looked like a volleyball, but I misheard her), the nurse said she is likely to get a very early or a very late slot in the OR.

Other than that, the only other concern is that the hCG shot has to be intramuscular. This is the first intramuscular injection I have had to give Evelin (soon, I'll be doing a lot of them; the progesterone shots have to be intramuscular), so the nurse drew a big target on her backside so that I know where to give her the jab.

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