Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Practical Joke

Sometimes I crack myself up. It's not that much of a joke, but last night Evelin and I were in Staples and I saw the premade signs for restrooms, including "All Employees Must Wash Hands", which I decided we needed in the restroom at my building. I get in early enough to probably get away with sneaking one into both the men's and women's room, but I decided to just go with the men's room. It's been up for a few hours now and I don't know if anyone has actually noticed, but it still gives me a giggle.

On the IVF front, Evelin finished her last birth control pill last night and had her fourth Lupron shot this morning. She keeps joking that she's about to begin menopause (which is a pretty good comparison to what the Lupron is supposed to do) and is warning me to watch out for mood swings and hot flashes. At least the weather is turning back to colder; that might help her ... In another week or so, we get to start with even more injections.

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