Sunday, November 23, 2003

Enough to Fill the Active Roster

Okay a quick update because I need to run the farmers market and rake leaves. We ran out to the clinic today and got the fertilization report (as well as lower doses of Lovenox): Enough eggs fertilized to fill out the active roster of a baseball team.

Of the 32 eggs harvested, 29 were mature. Of those, 28 fertilized. (I credit the Barry White they play in the incubators; Barry White always helps.) Now we get to see how many continue to grow and then they start biopsies on Monday for the PGD.

UPDATE: All 28 cleaved, which means they made it to day two. Next step, one more growth report and then the news from the PGD doctor starts to come in ... Also, the yard is raked; the GoldRush apples were at the market, but it was a small crop this year, so we won't be still getting them in February/March; and I'm going to make a second batch of the cranberry sauce tonight, just to make sure there's enough for the crowd.

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