Monday, November 24, 2003


LivingWithCaucasians is giving an eyewitness look at the ongoing political changeover in Georgia. It makes for fascinating reading, and, I imagine, it must be amazing to actually be there on the ground.

I remember watching the Soviet state newscasts on CSPAN 2 back in 1991 when the Soviet Union finally dissovled into the Russian Federation, Republic of Georgia, and 13 other nations; it was fascinating to see things unfolding so quickly with subtitles. The dissolution of Shevardnadze’s government [BBC | Washington Post | DW] didn't unfold (at least for me) on television so much as online, but it is still fascinating to see people create such change. Hopefully, it will put Georgia on to a better political and economic track. As soon as this IVF cycle is considered a success, I think I will have to toast the new government by opening one of the bottles of თბილღვინო (Tbilvino) wine I bought last year -- is a peaceful revolution better toasted with a dry white (Ts’inandali) or a semi-sweet red (Odjaleshi)?

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